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August 26, 2011 / bastiak

Buttery Summer Vegetables and Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Miso Dressing

Can you find the delicious recipe in this blog? 3 out of 5 bored Facebook readers can.

Even though I worked for almost 11 hrs today creating a system of checklists and tally sheets to organize lending gear to kids for our backpacking trip, went home and went for a 2 hr walk around town window critiquing local art at the galleries AND then the Husband started pulled out a shoe box of old photos…I said I was going to post some recipes, so I’m gonna. I also discovered this little jem: a book made by the Husband when he was “9ine” called “I have all the things that I am.” More on that later. Oh, it’s good stuff.

This is what I made last night for dinner. Mainly, because it used things I found in my fridge. That’s how I cook/roll. Especially if something is in danger of going bad. I had 2 bags of squash from previous CSAs and the next day more was coming. Also, the kale in our garden has been growing like crazy. And as much as a I love kale chips, the 3 gallon bags of them that I’ve already made will probably last us until next summer. So I came up with this and I was pretty happy with the results. After watching Julia and Julia, it kind of makes me think of French food, but that’s purely based on watching a movie. And some escargo I got in Montreal when I went there for a haircut, but that’s another story.

Oh right, the recipe. It used about 10% of the squash and 2% of the kale in my fridge. Serves 2 adults as a side dish or 2 entree meal.


Buttery (& Faux Cheesy) Summer Vegetables

Use a deep frying pan (not for “deep frying”, but a frying pan that is deep)  or wok on, on a Med High heat. Varying the heat and adding more butter as the situation demands is where you come in as a cook.

Saute 1.25 cups squash (yellow or small zucchini) cut into small cubes in about 4 tbs butter (a big ol’ hunk)

Add .5 cup diced onions after squash starts to soften and look slightly transparent. Don’t let it brown. Turn heat down if it is starting to.

THEN add 2 large cloves garlic, minced. This was sort of an oversight as it is usually the first thing I put in the oil, because I was led to believe it garlicizes the oil for the veggies. But it seemed to add a lot of flavor this way. I like it better even I think. You don’t want to have so much stuff in the pan before you add it that the garlic can’t get to the pan surface, however.

Add 1 cup kale, stems removed. Add .33333333333333333333 (found the flaw in decimals) cup spinach or arugula. Uh, that’s 1/3 c spinach or arugula for those who don’t want to dredge up a memory of their third grade math teacher with the polyester pants and the chest hair. Or just use a handful. I just make these numbers up in retrospect anyway due to early trauma from Mr. Hartman.

Optional: add 1 chopped roasted hatch chili with seeds removed. If you don’t live in NM you might have to skip this one.

Continue to saute, stirring regularly, until onions and squash are a little transparent and greens are fully wilted.

1 twist pepper grinder, 2 pinches sea salt. Grate some fresh tumeric root on it if you have it.

Ok, you might not have this on hand, but it is important. Aprox. 2 tbs nutritional yeast powder. It kind of makes it cheesy like cheddar popcorn that you buy pre-popped. Keep stirring a lot now until the texture is even. Add more butter directly to the pan surface on the side and stir in at any point if needed to keep veggies from sticking. A tsp of soy sauce or Braggs and a pinch of cumin are harmonious with this for extra credit (think subtle). Mr. Hartman would be proud. Also, if you have nutritional yeast AND Braggs Liquid Aminos in your kitchen off hand (probably next to the Dr. Bronners hand soap) you are officially a hippy.

Alright, so I lied. Let’s add some real cheese in addition to our faux cheesy flavor. If you are vegan, you can just stop right here and it will be yummy. I used some local cow’s milk (why was this specified on the label?) feta crumbles (1/4 cup). Other crumbly cheese would work, like bleu, gorgonzola, or coarsely shredded parmesan, etc. because of how they melt. Keep stirring agressively as it melts so that it doesn’t stick. When the cheese just starts to get slightly browned, serve immediately. If serving with sweet potato fries with creamy miso dressing, you might have to wait a while. I’m going to bed now.

Oh, I forgot. Slice 4-5 mushrooms (white, baby bellas, porchinis, or morels would work), saute in 1 tbs butter by themselves until soft. Add to other stuff. G’night.



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  1. Michelle Leathers / Aug 26 2011 11:42 am

    This sounds magical. I’m making it next week for myself! Ron doesn’t dig vegi’s the way I do 🙂

    • bastiak / Aug 26 2011 11:50 am

      But who doesn’t dig BUTTER? Use lots and the onions and garlic and cheese make it very loveable. Even for non-veggie-likers.

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