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August 8, 2011 / bastiak

Country Mouse, City Mouse

We’ve been living in a little place tucked away right in the middle of town. It’s the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen with a little back court-yard and fresh flowers to pick for the vase. It is furnished with some nice quality stuff and we made room for some of our own favorites. It is a little smaller than our last place, but it is designed well. And it has fantastic shower pressure! But it is in town and we can’t see the Sangre de Cristo Mts. that surround town. Well, if you look down the street just right you can see a little. Now, town is pretty small so we aren’t talking obnoxious city problems, but there are some car honks and police sirens at night. I feel safe though. I’ve been really getting into the groove of being here and enjoying the feeling of connection to the town and the people in it. Right now, as it is tourist season, there are more people than usual. But that kind of makes me feel like it’s carnival and I’m a host to a fun party. I dig it. I’ve enjoyed biking to the farmers’ market on Saturday and taking evening rides around town. Whenever we bike around together, I feel like I’m in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Everything is so quaint. Yet we are about 1/2 a mile to very open space with mountains and cows and about 20 min to sub-alpine trails. We see gorgeous sunsets right from our house and sometimes a cat stops by to say hi. So, what’s the problem? My husband wants to move to somewhere out in the sage brush far away from people and the noise. He hasn’t been able to tune out the sirens as successfully as I have. But, I’m just not ready to move again. It has only been 4 months since we moved here after traveling around for a whole month visiting friends and family. I just want to be still for once. Did I mention we pay about $100 less a month than most places in our area of similar quality and with very efficient heating? And there is a hot tub and nice wood floors? Our landlords are great and have been really kind and helpful in dealing with a few little repairs that came up. They encouraged us to utilize the little bit of growing space and I have a tomato plant just now in bloom that I might get to harvest in a couple of months. It would a longer drive to my husband’s winter job, but it is closer to stores and he might be able to take the bus occasionally. I do miss the view we had out of our very large windows last winter when we were more right in the middle of the mountains. But we paid about $200 more a month to heat that place because of those windows. We plan to build some day on land out there where we feel more free, but I want to take the opportunity to really get to know the community more before we do that. Sigh. How do you compromise on something like this? I just don’t think I have the energy to get those boxes out of storage and start packing them already. We can’t afford to rent two apartments and that doesn’t seem like a healthy choice anyway. Although if he goes crazy living in town that won’t be good either. Hmmm…



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  1. Michael Spilatro (@spilatro) / Aug 10 2011 8:35 am

    I think its good you are starting to think about this. Maggie and I will probably have to make some sort of compromise like this someday since she works in nature and I work in a lab. The two are never very close. We always make a list of pros and cons at the place to start sorting out major life choices.

    • bastiak / Aug 11 2011 9:39 am

      Yeah, this has always been a theme for us.

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